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"The best time to teach a child a second language is when they are learning their primary one." 


Mundo Kids is a licensed daycare operated by a native Peruvian with a heart for children and teaching.  Fluent in both English and Spanish Mundro Kids offers much more than just daycare.  Below is a listing of the programs and services we are currently offering.

Home Daycare

Maryland License No. 157924

DaycareA licensed daycare home provider that offers your child a very good environment that focuses on his/her social, intellectual and physical development, with the added bonus that he/she will be learning a new language along side his/her first language.

Mama Ganza (Mother Goose)

Mama GanzaThis class offers moms to share this beautiful experience with your child (6 months up to 3 years old). Both of you will learn Spanish together and you can practice at home. This is the best way to introduce your baby to a new language. Why wait! They can learn English at the same time they are learning their first language through songs, dance, games, book, and many more activities.

Spanish for Pre-K

Pre-KI offer classes for young children (3 years to 5 years). They will learn how to explore the Spanish language through many fun ways like singing, dancing, literature, games, movies, music, and much more. The best age to learn a new language is when they are young children and the best method is through playing and learning at the same time.

Spanish Tutoring for All Ages

Tutor2Does your child need help learning Spanish? Does he/she have Spanish homework that they don’t understand? I can help them with all of these areas. They can learn in fun ways and you will see the changes and improvements.

 Spanish for Adults

AdultsDo you want to learn Spanish for fun, to improve your skills, for a better resume, or because you are planning a trip? I offer Spanish tutoring at any level. The best way to learn Spanish is to work with someone whose native tongue is Spanish. This will allow you to talk and listen in Spanish. You will experience maximum speaking the whole session. Think and talk in Spanish!