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"The best time to teach a child a second language is when they are learning their primary one." 

About Me

My name is Carla Wallenfelsz and I am a licensed at home daycare provider as well as an experienced Spanish teacher for babies and children.

I am originally from Lima, Peru. I lived in Lima for the first 24 years of my life and my family still resides there.  My mother is the director at a major American Cultural Institute called ICPNA in Lima, Peru. Because of her position, I was afforded the opportunity to learn both Spanish as my mother tongue and English as a second language while growing up. It is also common in Peru to study English in the elementary and secondary schools. While at ICPNA, I obtained my teaching methodology certificate in 2004. I then began teaching private English classes to fellow Peruvians in my free time while living in Lima.

I have a degree in Hotel Management from Ricardo Palmas University in Lima. I also obtained a masters certificate in Human Resources Management from Villanova University in 2007.

While obtaining my bachelors degree in Hotel Management, I enjoyed giving private English lessons to children and adults. I also spent some time in Peru working in Kindergarten and at a day care. It was then that I realized my passion and love for working with children.

My husband and I moved to the Annapolis area in 2008. I began working with elementary children and babies in the Annapolis public schools teaching Spanish. I can’t explain in words the feeling I get when I see children learning something new at every class. I am amazed at the ability children have for picking up new things. There isn’t a better time in a child’s life to learn a second language. The benefits will have a lasting effect in their future. This is the reason I decided to open a daycare in my home and provide bilingual education.

Carla Wallenfelsz